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1kg Fresh hake on loins

Green sauce:

3 pcs Garlic cloves

30gr Flour

60ml White wine

50ml olive oil




400gr Clams

200gr Peas

6 pcs Asparagus





We can make fish in green sauce using three different techniques and the choice of the most appropriate will depend on the quality of the fish, the amount of portions to be prepared and the type of service we perform, among other factors.


1. By emulsion of fish juice with the fat used for cooking.

2. Use of a ragout technique.

3. Concentration cooking.


1. To prepare the dish by emulsion, it is essential that the fish is fresh. We will put the oil with the garlic in brunoise from cold, when it begins to soften, we remove it from the heat and let it lose temperature, we introduce the fish and we simmer it on both sides, remove from the heat and cover so that the fish releases its juices . We must emulsify the juice and oil by a smooth but constant movement. Add salt and add plenty of parsley.


2. Ragout technique. We put the oil and garlic in brunoise from the fire from cold and before it becomes colored we put the fish previously salted and floured. Cook on both sides, flavor with white wine and dip with fumet, boil, add salt and add parsley.


3. Concentration cooking. Garlic is put in brunoise from cold, when they begin to brown the flour is added and it is left to cook but without it taking color, we aromatize with white wine and we wet with fumet, we boil and add parsley and put it to salt. With the boiling sauce we introduce the fish and cook it in it.

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